May 20, 2004

The Mashin' of the Christ

Negativland presents their new collage-video, The Mashin' of the Christ, a pretty great accompaniment to their classic song "Christianity Is Stupid."

The piece is a nice concept. Also, it's great to see Negativland embrace video, and embrace advance peer-to-peer technologies like bittorrent.

Plus, I think it's interesting to see the continuation of their strategy of pretending to have 'lost control' of their piece, so they can claim that they haven't actually released the work which could get them sued otherwise. Not that I think they will ever be sued again, but you never can tell. Anyway, this strategy was successfully employed for the Letter U and Numeral 2 CD and for Oswald's Plunderphonic re-release. It feels a little like ducking the issue, but it's also a great story that metaphorically highlights the way culture works, especially mass culture. You do something and it's out there and it's no longer really yours.

Posted by steev at May 20, 2004 06:39 PM