September 17, 2004


An amazing project spearheaded by the DJ duo Coldcut, Revolution:USA lets you download political source material used in their video "Revolution: World of Evil" and make your own video collage.

here's a section of their description of the project:

Using samples of the last 40 years of American presidents and media figures, we will create an online Archive of Political Corruption and Scandals. This site features an interactive timeline of major US political scandals and corruption with an integrated database containing: pertinent video clips and samples for download and streaming; pictures; a textual description of each event and offsite links for further research. This content is served from Coldcut’s archive of clips as well as uploaded from users of the site. The site also contains audio loops and tracks created by Coldcut which are available for download. In essence this will is a digital library de[t/r]ailing the blatant corruption of the US political landscape in order to evoke social change through audience participation. The concept of this site is also a new form of documentary filmmaking. By offering audiovisual content in such a raw and concise form it is possible for the user to essentially create their own documentary experience by simply following the links and watching the materials in the order they choose – without the bias and editing decisions of the filmmaker.

Posted by steev at September 17, 2004 06:00 AM