June 17, 2005

copyright problems at the photo processing lab

the AP has a story today about a growing copyright conflict in the digital photography realm. some photo processing labs, including giants like wal-mart, instruct employees to reject digitally submitted images that look like they might have been taken by a professional. this is done to prevent people from downloading or scanning copyrighted materials and getting cheap photo prints made.

but advances digital camera and image editing technology allow non-professionals to create high-quality, professional-looking work. the result is that a growing number of customers are now being turned away essentially because their pictures look too good.

i'm linking to the washington post article because it includes a picture of bill wolfson and his "too professional" photograph, but the story also ran in forbes, MSN,newsday, and a number of daily newspapers.

Posted by stAllio! at June 17, 2005 03:55 AM