June 24, 2005

Fair Use Day

Fair Use Day is coming up, on July 11! From the site of Fair Use Day:

Fair Use rights have been under siege for a long time and from every direction. Sometimes it seems that almost anyone who makes or sells anything wants to eliminate another piece of Fair Use rights for their own gain. Manufacturers of cars and printers, media corporations, even garage door opener companies have tried to undermine Fair Use, often by hiding behind the DMCA.

We think Fair Use should have its own "Day", a day to celebrate Fair Use in any lawful way you wish. Exercise your Fair Use rights or contact a corporation or government of your choosing and let them know you want Fair Use rights and you want them protected - demand your Fair Use rights! Use what ever means you have available: phone, email, smoke signals, snail-mail, etc.

Be creative, join the forums and tell us how you plan to celebrate Fair Use Day! Trees have their own day, as do ground hogs and even income tax. Surely Fair Use rights are at least as important.

Fair Use isn't just about what you can play on your ipod. Fair Use promotes interoperability and the advancement of learning and expansion of knowledge. It impacts every thing from the computer in your car to accessing material at your public library, to playing a DVD you purchased or rented on your Linux computer.

We invite you to learn more about your rights where Fair Use intersects technology.

Posted by steev at June 24, 2005 09:11 PM