July 11, 2005

More about Archives

You can see from the spike in bandwidth on the graph above that when I lifted the throttle for the Detritus archives, as announced in the previous entry, bandwidth usage went up by a factor of 4. And it swamped out the server by 2pm pacific time (about 2 hours ago). The current theory: there's a lot of people who still think certain plunderphonics files are by James Brown, Beatles, and Michael Jackson. And in a way they are, but... I don't think these are what they want.

Or... someone saw the announcement and posted it to a popular place that I can't locate yet. It seems like a lot of browsers don't send referrer headers anymore, so it's much harder to figure out where hits are coming from. blargh.

Anyway, you may not get the smooth downloading that was promised, we're still struggling with a nice configuration. thanx for your patience.

Posted by steev at July 11, 2005 11:53 PM