March 26, 2006

Bob Ostertag Launches New Site

Long-time sample-based composer Bob Ostertag, who was the first artist ever to be hosted by, has launched his very own website at The beautifully laid-out pages provide easy access to information, news, photos, and most importantly, Bob's music, which he has just announced will all be now available free under the Creative Commons 'Atrribution Non-Commercial' license. Bob writes about his reasons as to why this is a good idea for artists such as himself, including:

I have made money selling these recordings in the past. It may be my income suffers from giving away these recordings for free. Conversely, it may turn out that my former royalty income will be replaced and perhaps even surpassed by increased income from concert fees due to wider circulation of my music. Who knows? What is known is the cost the corporate "intellectual property rights" battering ram is imposing on culture.

Saying goodbye to record royalties is in any event no great sacrifice for a musician such as myself, whose music has always been too adventurous to be valued by the mass market anyway. Strangely, many musicians I know whose work lies outside the mainstream remain much more invested in the idea of selling their recordings than their actual experience in the market would seem to justify.

Congratulations to Bob on his new site - is proud to have hosted his first one from 1997 to 2006.

Posted by steev at March 26, 2006 12:22 AM