April 29, 2004

Windoze sounds song

An amazing Flash animation illustrating, in a way, the re-use of Microsoft Windoze system sounds to create music.

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April 27, 2004


BrowseTV is a cable-access show in Manhattan that browses the internet live, culling cool stuff from the web and broadcasting it. One great thing about it is that it's done all with just a laptop and a webcam. here is one of the episodes

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April 25, 2004

World Intellectual Property Day, April 26

Monday, April 26, has been declared World Intellectual Property Day by WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. Member countries are being encouraged to organize activities to "celebrate intellectual property."

At least one organization, Paris ACTUP, is holding a counter-celebration: a netstrike against the WIPO website. Detritus.net urges you to take part, or to engage in your own protest.

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April 18, 2004

McDonald's Censors Font

A font made out of corporate logos, was recently changed because McDonald's thinks they own the letter 'M'.

The typeface, called Capitalis Pirata, is distributed by Plazm Media and was created by Dutch designer Roland Henss, "in an effort to explore the meaning of corporate iconography in our world."

McDonald's attorneys claim that Plazm's usage of the "golden arches" as the letter M in the Capitalis Pirata font is "likely to confuse the public." Plazm says "In an effort to stay in business and avoid a lawsuit against the largest hamburger chain in the world, we have forcibly removed the lower case M from the alphabet."

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April 06, 2004


A film made from decaying old films, by Bill Morrison. I haven't
seen it yet but it sounds amazing. here's a review from the
Village Voice:

Bill Morrison is not the first artist to take decomposing film
stock as raw material, but he plunges into this dark nitrate of
the soul with contagious abandon. Founded on the tension between
the hard fact of film's stained, eroded, unstable surface and the
fragile nature of that which was once photographically
represented, Decasia is an avant-garde movie with universal
appeal, as well as an apocalyptic subtext unavoidably tied to the
catastrophe of 9-11.
decasia website

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