December 21, 2004 & Creative Commons wants your dead works's

"Ever wanted to bring something back from the dead? Well, you still can't revive old Fido, but you can bring dead art back to life! Most art doesn't make it into the history books – in fact, it's often seen by only a handful of people before it vanishes into dusty oblivion.

But now, thanks to a growing movement to use Creative Commons licensing and the public domain to keep art available and reusable, it's possible to breathe new life into art that would otherwise be forgotten."

Based around George A. Romero's 1968 "Night of the Living Dead" who never put a copyright notice on the movie so it's been available in the public domain ever since. Get a copy of or from the torrents they've provided then be creative.

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December 20, 2004

The Fine Art of Sampling Contests

Creative Commons and Wired Magazine bring you The Fine Art of Sampling Contests. Sample from the Wired CD and make something new and maybe win stuff. ripmixmash, etc.

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December 18, 2004

A Singular Christmas from Eigenradio
This season, as a present to friends worldwide, our system listened to as much Christmas music as it could handle. When it was done it synthesized these sixteen new timeless classics.
Please enjoy "A Singular Christmas."

Eigenradio makes its optimal music by analyzing in real time dozens of radio stations at once. When our bank of computers has heard enough music, it will go to work on making more just like it. Since we listen to so much music all the time, Eigenradio is always on and always live. What you hear on Eigenradio is the best of the New Music, distilled and de-correlated. One song on Eigenradio is worth at least twenty songs on old radio.

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December 11, 2004

Brasil's Stance on IP

Wired brings us an incredible article about Brasil's intellectual property policies, including everything from AIDS drugs to music to Linux. This is a really inspiring story which shows that solutions and hope for the future may increasingly come from unexpected and traditionally marginalized places and peoples.

Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture of Brasil:
"A world opened up by communications cannot remain closed up in a feudal vision of property," he says. "No country, not the US, not Europe, can stand in the way of it. It's a global trend. It's part of the very process of civilization. It's the semantic abundance of the modern world, of the postmodern world - and there's no use resisting it."

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December 08, 2004

U2-Negativland iPod Auction shut down by Apple!

Francis Hwang reports that his auction of a modified iPod has been shut down by eBay after a complaint from Apple Computer. As reported here a few days ago, Hwang was selling a special U2 iPod with the packaging changed to make it an unauthorized "U2-Negativland" model. The auction was one day away from completion and had reached to over $400. He has yet to hear from Apple in response to his query about the complaint.

Way to go, someone actually found a way to get some lawyers sicked on them while doing something having to do with Negativland. We were beginning to think they were untouchable.

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December 06, 2004

Andean Free Trade Agreement Stalls Over Intellectual Property

Arizona Indymedia reports that the current round of talks, held in Tucson, on the Andean Free Trade Agreement have met with difficulties, with Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador unwilling to sign provisions for tighter intellectual property regulations. The U.S. is pushing a regime that would put medicines out of financial reach for many Andeans becauase longer-lasting patents would eliminate cheaper, generic drugs.

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December 03, 2004

Special U2 vs. Negativland iPod for sale on Ebay

An auction on eBay announces the availability of a unique, unauthorized version of the iPod, marking a bold new work in the field of consumer-experience as art (and critical statement about intellectual property).

From the auction description:

With the recent release of Apple’s iPod U2 Special Edition, and the continuing legal battles over the sampling and copying of music, there has never been a better time for such a tribute to the impact of technology on the flow of culture. Buy the unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition and become a part of intellectual property history today!

wonderful. (thanx, allan)

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December 01, 2004

People Like Us Gigs coming up

Detrivore People Like Us announces 2 gigs, one of which includes another Detrivore, Matt Wand, along with Christian Marclay:

Two concerts coming up with People Like Us this month. One this Friday in York, and one on the 18th at the Tate Modern. Here's more info.


People Like Us will be doing an audio set and showing a couple of short
films and talking a bit too at the University of York.

7.30pm start
Rymer Auditorium, Music Research Centre, University of York
£5 entry
Directions to the centre can be found at:



Tate Modern, North Lawn, London

10-22 December 2004
10.00-18.00 Sunday-Thursday
10.00-22.00 Friday-Saturday

The Sounds of Christmas is an annual project by Christian Marclay,
pioneer of the experimental turntable movement and leading artist
operating at the intersections of art and music. Reinventing this
work-in-progress for London, the artist will present his collection of
over 1,200 Christmas records as a publicly accessible archive,
alongside projections of the record covers and footage of previous
performances (exhibition open 10-22 December during gallery hours).

During the two-week installation, co-produced by Electra and Tate
Modern, noted DJs will create live remixes of their own selection from
Marclay's Christmas records. These recorded performances will create a
soundtrack for the space. Combining blatant sentimentality with
vanguard experimentation, Marclay suggests that the categories
distinguishing 'serious' music from its opposite are both arbitrary and


Friday 10 December, 20.30-22.00
Christian Marclay
Matt Wand

Saturday 11 December, 20.00-22.00
Strictly Kev
Paul Hood

Friday 17 December, 20.00-22.00
The Bohman Brothers
Ergo Phizmiz

Saturday 18 December, 20.00-22.00
Janek Schaefer
People Like Us


Admission to the installation is free, but booking required for live
Tickets for performances are £8 (£6 concessions), booking recommended
For further details and booking please visit the Tate Modern website.
For tickets book online or call 020 7887 8888.

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