January 26, 2005

Eyes on the Screen

Eyes on the Screen

Eyes on the Prize is the most important documentary ever made about the Civil Rights Movement--but copyright restrictions have kept it from the public for the past 10 years. We can't let that continue. On February 8th help us bring this film back to a nationwide audience. Download the film today and organize a screening in your city or town. (via DownhillBattle.org)

In 2004 the Hallmark Channel was to air the mini-series 'Roots' in marathon format. But there had been no authorization to show 'Roots' in this manner. Instead of working out the details, the Hallmark channel ran a 'Gilligan's Island' marathon instead:

'Gilligan's Island' replaces 'Roots' Press Release

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January 12, 2005

Don Knotts As Dubya

Don Knotts plays Dubya in this brilliant montage of various Knotts films, forming an amazingly coherent trailer for a non-existent film about George Bush Jr.

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January 01, 2005

Video's Highs and Lows

Two part Video post: Creative Highs & Constrictive Lows

Untold Stories: Creative Consequences of the Rights Clearance Culture for Documentary Filmmakers
"The problems that documentary filmmakers face in getting and controlling rights for their creative work--and the consequences for cultural creativity--are the focus of this research project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation."
[The online video is a great introduction to the topic, pass it along to the uninformed]

Concrete Ron creates Concrete TV. (Imagine a video Wayne Butane) MA/NSFW/V/FV/AS/DLS/R/TM/C and yet still never hard enough. [...and the Academy Award for best collection of "Press Play" footage goes too...]

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