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There's a '.net' after Detritus for a reason. Well, we had to have some top-level domain, yes, but also, is at least partially about connecting with others. I hope to draw upon a community of cultural workers who share in similar beliefs, techniques, and goals. I want to enable an exchange to happen.

The beginning of that is for me to listen to what you think, and for you to not hesitate to contact us. Use the handy drop-down to pick a subject and then hit the button.

The second step is group communication. There are currently the following detritus-hosted listservs (mailing lists):
These lists are private, meaning you must be on them to post to them. However they are open to any who are interested, and are at this time unmoderated. To join, send email to [email protected] with the following in the message:

subscribe [listname] [yr email address]

Rumori is being archived regularly. Also, a collection of generally relevant maillings, including many from barbieq and rumori, is available in the Plundermail archive.

Other lists may be established in the future to meet specific needs as they arise. There may also even be a web-based conferencing application here eventually, or possibly even a chat system (?). Let us know what would be of interest.

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"[A]rt is long, not infinite... One day we will use it up - unless we
		can learn to recycle it like any other finite resource."
		- Spider Robinson, "Melancholy Elephants"

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