[rumori] RIAA statement and official revised guidelines (fwd)

Nicola Battista [rumori] RIAA statement and official revised guidelines (fwd)
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 16:42:08 +0200 (00904747328,

Sorry if the last days I haven't been so active with my email and I've some
mails I still have to read, but this needed an urgent reply.
In Italy, until 1996 bootlegs were semi-legal and we had tons of live
concerts put out by "legal" labels by only paying authors royalties to SIAE and without permission from performers and recording labels.
As this caused troubles to some of the pressing plants (also, a friend of
mine told me that a big pressing plant in my region had been visited
various times by the Guardia di Finanza - our "Fiscal Police" because of pirate cd-rom games), since a couple years ago, the pressing plants ask you
to sign a paper every year, saying that you guarantee to have the right to
print or reprint the material you're giving to them. This way, the pressing
plant is free from any kind of responsibility, as in the eventuality of
both real piracy (audio or cdrom bootlegs) and sampling troubles, you take
your own responsibility for what is contained in the masters.
This also because the plants have lots of work and it would be practically
impossible for them to verify the contents of every single cd.
Wouldn't this be a good idea?
In case of violation of a so-called "fair use", a court can decide whether or not there is such a violation.
The RIAA solution and the admendments seem a bit superficial to me.

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista