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Boster, Bob [rumori] Re: say hello to iMac
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>From: Steev[SMTP:steevatdetritus.net]

>upon seeing this i immediately interpreted it as
>a critical statement about the iMac and Apple's marketing strategies.

Steev, I never would've guessed you were a "glass-half-full" guy.

>But there's also the possibility brought up by a friend that
>its a simple face-value fetishization by a geek that likes the iMac and
>also likes anime.

Always assume the worst. That's the magic of "reception-based" thinking. It gets to be a smart critique to you even though Mr. Toy is
just an anime geek.

Think about the Mac faithful... the only people keeping the box in the
game is the uber-geeks, whether they be of the audio variety (like the
Idea of Fun all-stars) or of the graphics variety (like anime-fanboys
around the globe). Scary. Someone needs to invent a new UI paradigm so
we can sweep the Mac and Wintel off the table and move on.