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On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Boster, Bob wrote:

>> But while most children have seen people get blown away in movies,
>>I dont' think any of them are prepared for the reality of a gun shot
>>wound. I don't think many American Children understand death, or humanity,
>>or the larger issues of the implications of their actions.
>What are you defining as a child? I think the gun violence statistics
>are high enough that you could be wrong, unless you mean "under age 10"
>or something like that. Most people define children in these sorts of
>discussions as "under the age of independence" which would be 18, and I
>think a majority of the 0-18 year olds in the country knows that a gun
>causes death, and what death means. Now "humanity" on the other hand...

no one knows what death means. (especially not an 18 year old.) Americans
or otherwise.


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