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Fri, 9 Oct 1998 10:44:54 -0400 (00907944294, 85256698.004FD145.00atnatsmtp.nish.org)

>think a majority of the 0-18 year olds in the country knows that a >gun
causes death, and what death means. Now "humanity" on the other >hand...
>no one knows what death means. (especially not an 18 year old.) >Americans
>or otherwise.

American's, I would have to argue, do not have as heightened awareness of
death as people in [more] 3rd world areas, where most of the population is
anyhow. When has there been a war on American soil recently? Your cereal
grubbing, tv watchin' American consumer is NOT exposed to "war, disease, famine" except on the evening news, more TV ("hey, its not real, or is it?")
Is that a function of Puritanism? (I have always thought America is still
suffering from Puritanism after 400+ years) Protect Innocence. Have
American's created a society for themselves to provide the illusion of
immortality or to extend children's Innocence into adulthood? Is that the
function of "Simulacra Nation," the function of virtuality/simulation in society.

>From personal experience, I didn't pierce my ear, or rip my jeans, or dye
my hair, or do drugs, or make violent music (or listen) because of the
horrors of "war, death, famine." I'm a little more self-aware now I think.