[rumori] unmediated appropriation (was simulacra nation)

Boster, Bob [rumori] unmediated appropriation (was simulacra nation)
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>From: Thom[SMTP:thomatretina.net]
>> I guess I just thought the second articulation to Baudrillard's concept
>> (simulacra=copy of something without original) was that the copy IS REAL
>> to those who are experiencing it.
>But it isn't real
>to those who have experienced the original.

hate to return to this thread with a nit to pick, but the whole point of
simulacra is that there is NO ORIGINAL. Just copy. There's nothing
that Main Street USA (in DisneyMUD) is a copy of. It just seems like
it's referencing something.

Like to move to a new thread (although if there's more life in this one
as I wade through my mail I'll address it).

What about the fact that most of the means of appropriation we practice
are mediated communication?

You might think, well, it's a reference to the other text, therefor it
must be mediated.

What about that Beatlemania thing a few years back? What about going to
see the non-Fogerty version of Creedence Clearwater Revival? What about
that painter guy who has someone touch up a mass produced print for you
in his style at the print shop?

It just occurs to me lately that as people become more and more "wired" that there will be more of a clamor for actual "live" experiences, and as such mediated art will start to seem pretty staid. In that mode, I
wonder what happens to our craft. Are we affected at all? If so, how?