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Jon Leidecker [rumori] Billboard magazine
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 16:37:41 -0700 (00906853061,

Also as long as I am housecleaning out, recent news from the industry. One
or two ideas carried over from Mr. Carters position even, but mainly it's
just fun to see how each sentence contradicts the previous. Sure.

Billboard magazine, August 15, 1998, "Dance Artists & Music" column, closing paragraphs:

TSK, TSK: We never, ever applaud bootleg remixes, but we feel compelled to
point out that one of the hottest records in the U.K. underground at the
moment is a drum'n'bass version of "Forgive Me", the hidden a cappella track on Alanis Morissette's 1996 breakthrough "Jagged Little Pill". Handled by the mysterious Hybrid, the track is supposedly slammin'. While
we confess that we'd love to hear it, we do wonder why clubland's gifted
young renegades continue to fritter away their talent on illegal records
when their good ideas could be applied to original recordings. Clearly,
they just can't see the big picture. Or maybe they're seeing unwarranted
romance in blatantly pilfering from others.
Also, what does it say about a musical community when the record most
people are excited about is a bootleg remix of a rock record? There must
be something better to exert our energy and passion on.