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Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:30:39 -0500 (00909595839, 852566AB.005DCB22.00atnatsmtp.nish.org)

>>when their good ideas could be applied to original recordings.
>>they just can't see the big picture. Or maybe they're seeing
>>romance in blatantly pilfering from others.

Clearly, this author is comparing apples to oranges. I think the author is
the one who sees "unwarranted romance" and I think the DJ sees sampler fodder.

I think the author is saying the DJ could be making more money if they made
legal recordings. Billboard is very commercial, very top40, very
unit-shifting-is-the-measure-of-success. Is it not?

>if you're making more money than your record
>sales from other labels licensing a track, esecially if they're just
>tiny labels, then... something's strange.

I've never seen XLR8R, but are they credible? At Tower (where I find the
greatest selection of techno, I don't buy much music anymore) they have as
many, maybe more, compilations as albums/singles. One side of the table is
bands & DJs and the other is compilations. I'd have to argue that this business plan may be feasible. A great majority of the top selling techno
CDs/tapes are compilations, judging by what I've read in CMJ and such. No,
I haven't done any research.

But, smalltime DJs? I dunno. How small is that anymore? Do smalltime DJs
need dayjobs? Who cares, exactly.