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Steev [rumori] Re: the Deconstructing BECK CD sucks!!! (fwd)
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beautiful. i laughed really really hard when i first read this.
just beautiful....


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Subject: Re: the Deconstructing BECK CD sucks!!!

i've gotten a few of these... i try to be nice to them in hopes that they
might give it an open-minded listen and realize that there may be a
different aesthetic at play. i've also had a couple of people say that
some record stores (usually the big stupid ones) are filing it w/ the beck
releases. not something we really planned but you have to love the
confusion and the possibility of opening up some beck fan to something


At 1:45 :( -0800 11/2/98, Mark/Negativland wrote:

>for your entertaiment. We actually did write back to this guy, but have
>heard nothing from him.
>>Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 22:08:30 -0700
>>From: Dobbie <bdobbieatexeculink.com>
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>>Subject: Deconstructing BECK CD
>>I recently purchased the album "Deconstructing BECK" at a local CD
>>store. It was my understanding that this CD was a BECK release, perhaps
>>rare, as the packaging indicated.
>>Much to my dissappointment, not only was this CD not a BECK original
>>recording, but it sucked as well. What I heard was pure nonsense, the
>>stuff that would come from a malfunctioning CD player or random turns of
>>the volume control. This is not music, nor is it art of any form. Art
>>does not attempt to make profits by fooling people into purchasing
>>something that is not at all what they believed it to be. Nor is art
>>about ripping people off.
>>I truly abhor whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with this
>>vandalism of a respectable artist's work. I wholeheartedly hope that
>>legal action taken against you is successful.