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Sun, 6 Dec 1998 11:35:16 -0800 (PST) (00912972916, v01530502b2902216915eat[])

once again, it's taken the clout and strength of rap artists to make the
most difference in the fight against ownership of ideas. fuckin' a.

my .01$ on the genre discussion... i personally would love a genre section
at my local cool recod store for (the genre with no name) just so i don't
have to pick thru the fuckin' ROCK and DANCE/TECHNO/AMBIENT/ETC. bins which
i so hate doing.

i dont know how many here are familiar with artists like dimitri from
paris, fantastic plastic machine, cornelius, and stuff of this ilk from
mostly europe and japan, but i find it interesting that as this new
sub-genre-whatever-it-is-to-be-named is sort of in the same boat as
"mediage" or whatever we're calling it. there's definitely certain aesthetic links and similarities shared by a certain group of bands, but no
one has come up with a quick and dirty tag name, like GRUNGE.

one interesting note: japan's copyright laws are much less stringent when
it comes to sampling from american record labels. i found out from an
"insider" who works at a major label who actually is part of the copyright infringement police squad (or something to that effect) told me about this.
so maybe everyone on rumori and snuggles should set up some japanese
distribution umbrella label???? hey steev, pete of bulb records is still
in japan i think...