[rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)

The Evolution Control Committee [rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)
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> (even if we have to write these messages from our day jobs because we give
>our CDs away...)

Solicitation for opinions: Do you think makers of mediage/collage
rock/sample music should be able to make a living from it and forget their
day jobs?

The obvious answer is yes, but sometimes I have to wonder. One of the
things that keeps our views objective and thoughts critical -- that keeps
us _honest_ -- is that we don't rely on our music to pay the bills. Once
you do it changes everything; you start worrying about whether any
statements you make are too harsh, or maybe not harsh enough, and it
occludes the view you previous had of the world you're commenting on. I've
never been a fan of spending a major chunk of my life working for a company
whose product I don't truly care about, but then again it's important to me
that my artwork be unaffected by market forces or whatever. I don't want to
get evicted just because my style fell out of reviewers' favor or because
fickle listeners didn't understand a message I was trying to convey. I
might have a meaningless job, but at least I'm not paying my rent with
compromise of artistic vision, y'know?


P.S.: For those not afraid of a good beat... Mix Master Mike, "Anti-Theft Device". All vocals sampled; otherwise instrumental. Heavy on the scratching and found sounds. And of course, BASS.

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