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Steev [rumori] more art/"mediage"?
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On Fri, 11 Dec 1998 dserklandatnish.org wrote:

>Do you mean you do not see a trend towards art? or don't you see a trend

what do you mean a "trend towards art"? more people doing art? i don't know. seems like more people are playing video games. i don't know what
the statistics are. like i said before, it could go either way.

>toward smaller more priveledged groups? Statistics show that the "class
>gap" is widening. Will mediage be a wide, vernacular culture or will it
>bring specialized, "bin" culture. Is <what we're doing> a product of
>democratized technology or specialized interests?

both. and of course the democratised tech serves to widen the interests.
when 10-year-olds see that they can chop up sound with the software that
comes with their family home windoze box, they will. and they'll think
it's pretty fun (exactly that happened with my little brother). will it
be more than a passing fancy? develop into an artistic practice? who

"mediage" (how many people like that word? wobbly, did you make that up? i don't know if i like that word. it's interesting but as a name for what i
do i don't know if i like it) will not be wide. if it ever gets wide it
will be assimilated and absorbed into mass consumer media. however if we
mean by "mediage" a form that inherently subverts or is opposed to mass consumer media, no, it will never be wide, it will be watered down and
THEN assimilated. like hip hop.

Anyone seen the new Arizona Jeans tv ads? talk about tv absorbing it's own
criticism. It's a bunch of "hip" youngsters talking about how commercials keep telling them what to wear and pretending to know the hip lingo.
cripes... wish i had a tape of one of those....


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