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> imply a kind of listening that takes sit-down time. The sad thing is that
> there are so many other ways to put the sound in a space. parabolic
> speakers are great because they can be mounted on the cieling pointing
> straight down. you can hear them great if you stand under them, but not if
> you walk away. And a room full of them would produce a gentle collage as
> you move from one to the next. There are lots of good reasons to put the
> music in headphones, but it is usually not so exciting or inspiring to
> encounter this in a gallery. But when the headphones are suspended in oil,

i went to a little show at a little cafe, where there were five (i think)
computer-generated (with lots of human help, i'm sure) engineering
diagrams, for machines and circuits and things, which were actyally very
beautiful if you looked at them long enough. above each was a plexiglass
dome projecting music, which really caused you to look at the drawings in
a very perticular way. for example, with one, the music actually cuased
you to see and follow certain curves and colors. the music ranged from
the cranberries to opera.

and there was free hors d'ourvres type food. which just topped off the

rh http://www.zerohour.net/reed ...........................................................................

p.s. i'm new to the list. i heard an Evolution Control Comittee record on
the local college station, bought it (ROcked by Rape), followed the url,
ordered a few more things, and wandered to detritus.net. you can call me
reed, trevor, rev. kommodore i. s. konnundrum ksc kfc, and creeg, if you
so desire. pleased to meat all of you.