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Steev [rumori] uncut ?
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On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 wobblyatcompcurr.com wrote:

>Can anyone direct me towards any further information about that new movie
>'uncut' playing at the Castro Theatre in SF early next January (8-14)?
>Quote from the blurb:
>'combination of drama, musical, farce, documentary, avant-garde cinema...
>when three Peters' infatuations become libelous and their expressions
>become infringments, an opera-singing cop hauls them in. Interspersed with
>this story are documentary interviews with four artists (John Oswald, A.A.
>Bronson, Tom Waugh, Linda Griffiths).'
>find out opening night I guess.

my god, that sounds incredible. good find, wobbly! anyone in the bay area
interested in going on Detritus field trip to the Castro in january?


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