[rumori] What's True?

Polenberg, Todd [rumori] What's True?
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 12:41:24 -0500 (00913830084, 43DCB452A407D211B07F00805FA7C77B59E8EEatNYCEXMB07.pfizer.com)

agreed that commodify your dissent is all the adjectives you describe. the
only criticism that could be levied at it is that it doesn't offer
solutions--and they explicitly state that they aren't in a position to offer
solutions in the foreword.

which is a good enough reason for things like rumori to exist.

i'm not knocking mainstream distribution--i do think it's ultimately more
important to be heard by many than to cling to DIY ideas of authenticity.
but i think that we're in a unique position as net-savvy people to build a
distribution network that extends as far as possible with as few as possible
capitalist middlemen in between. it's always a weird sort of dance--trying
to reach the most people with the least amount of sludgey stuff clinging to
your fingers. (not, mind you, that i'm engaging in this in any way with my
own work but the theoretical, so sprinkle whatever amt of salt you want on

i just want to put a question mark after 'true' in the ads. i was sticking
up 'hence the irony' stickers around subway stations in NYC for a while, but
then got dissuaded after seeing too many of them ripped off a day later.
also irony ain't what it used to be...(if anyone in NYC is interested in
helping revive this or some other disinformation campaign, i'd be more
interested if there could be a greater saturation...ah, back to questions
about dissemination again. damn.)

don't think i meant to come out so punkorific, though. the grey area is
large and scary. helps to have ideals to cling to...


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