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>recently i heard a great CD compilation of IWW songs. One I think was
>called "Hallelujah I'm A Bum", and the best line was something to the
>effect of "If you didnt work so much, there'd be jobs for both of us."
>Amen. They'd both be happier too.

Haha; that's a good one... yeah, sadly true.

>of course we shouldnt abandon what we have. i was implying maybe we should
>do something about the lack that other people experience (or at least talk
>about it) before wondering how to get more for ourselves. i'm sounding
>pretty righteous, arent i? sorry, i'll stop...

Not righteous, no... it's a good point and one we often forget in our
comfy caucasion existence.

>>>the simpsons are not advertising. yet.
>> I have seen them shilling for Butterfingers and Pentium Pros. Perhaps
>>they do not advertise directly on their show, but they do advertise.
>not the same thing. there's a difference, albeit a small one, between a
>media construction that exists and was created only to sell things, and
>one that sells things but is derived from something else.

So... you mean they're no advertising, like a Saturday morning kids
show is advertising in that it exists mostly for the purpose of selling the
connected toys and dolls and such?

>> What I need is... speed. Meth. Lots of it. Hah. :-) I think I've
>reminds me of jon wobbly telling me how useful speed can be to finish up
>creative projects. heh.

Alas, meth is something that isn't found often in the wilds of Ohio...
it's very much pot territory here. And a damn lot of it, too.

>>related things. I don't suppose you've had much success setting up your
>>secure server? I have no complaints with Pal, but would love to see other
>>people able to offer their stuff this way...
>things are moving real slow. it's just really really complicated.

I guess that's to be expected. But I'm glad to hear that it's not an
entirely dead idea.

>> Hey, speaking of setting up things -- ever tried setting up a RealAudio
>>server? I've been playing around with that and am generally liking this,
>there's one running on detritus.net. it's not G2 but i'm going to wait a
>bit to start using that. I'd rather not force people to upgrade to the
>latest greatest thing all the time. and realaudio5 sounds damn good
>already to me.

No no; keep it at non-G2 because many platforms don't have G2 listeners
yet. But if you do get a chance to listen and compare, G2 is pretty
stunning. I hope they'll get players out for all platforms that support it

>examples: detritus.net/steev/omni

>>modem you can only handle about three people. :-) I'm also hoping they
>unfortunately with the free server you can only have 25 simultaneous
>users. but so far that hasnt been a problem, that i know of. ...

Have you tried live broadcasting via the server? May I? Also, do you
know anything about registering/installing servers with higher capacity,
uh, "without paying"? I wonder if there's a crack or something, or if that's just asking for it to use one.

>>get the G2 codec into their non=Windows platform players; G2 sounds really,
>>really, really good. We're getting all the closer to being able to share
>>music quickly and easily online.
>unfortunately realnetworks stuff is all proprietary and you can't edit it
>(not much anyway) or convert it to anything once you've encoded it. i
>really wish there was a crossplatform streaming mp3 solution....

Agreed; it is most unfortunate that it's so proprietary... but, it is a
method that allows many people to listen with a minimum of effort, and
that's something I like.

>> Catch you later... (another thing to catch up with: a 1,100 message
>>emailbox. Ye gawds...)
>sorry to add one more. heh. geez. u need a filter. or something....

That's post-filtered; what I need is, well, time... See ya,

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