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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:16:45 -0500 (00914012205, 852566DE.006D72D6.00atnatsmtp.nish.org)

>hah! you're kidding, right? true, they werent a marketing scheme >when
they first were created and were just little shorts in various >film festivals (i think the first beavis and butthead i saw was "frog >baseball" in a Sick and Twisted Animation Festival, in about 1990 or >so). But once they got on MTV they definitely became a marketing tool. >Why do you think
>they have them watching videos all the time?! Just for the artistry of
>it? c'mon!

I wasn't kidding, and I don't know why they show videos on B&B. I definitely understand your point. I was not thinking about the videos.
Videos on mtv?!?! I think B&B are marketing themselves as a product more than marketing videos, but then again, I don't know what goes on
atmtv/Judgemental Prod.

>Would non-conformity be a better word for what you're talking about?
>If so, I agree, yes, people are losing it, they're buing the cool
>rebellion outcast products that everyone else is buying, so they can
>fit in. cuz it's cool, man. groovy.

Non-conformity is a better word for it, but it's more patriotic to say
individualism. I'm definitely going to look for "Conquest of Cool."
Ok, enough.

What's your favorite Steev? I've been listening to Beck's new album
lately, but that's not very appropriative. <shrug>