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Polenberg, Todd [rumori] thread change compliance
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:40:23 -0500 (00914013623, 43DCB452A407D211B07F00805FA7C77B59E906atNYCEXMB07.pfizer.com)

sigh. a thread long enough, but filled with so much importance to us as

but anyway, my favorite sample-based artwork of the past two years (i think
produced in '97 but i don't have it in front of me--sorry if i'm cheating
here) is a record called Deutsche Krieger by Ammer Einheit. made by FM
Einheit of Einsteurzende Neubauten (sp?) and Andreas Ammer. The record is
some sort of historical revision/commentary of three German figures--the
sections are called "Kaiser Wilhelm Enterprise", "Adolf Hitler Overdrive" and "Ulrike Meinhof Paradise" and each section is made up of samples from the historical period in question. beautiful, complicated, amazingly
produced music. to the extent that the scratches on the records from the
'20s wind up serving as beats in places.

anyone here listened to this?

anyone here know enough German to tell me what's actually/politically going
on in it? i can't say i do, but it doesn't stop me from playing the disc
over and over and over again...