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>i always thought i was the only one who bought as is and enjoyed it. i
>found it in the cut-out bins at tower once. there were a ton of copies.

Similarly, I'm glad to hear other people mentioning him... would love
to know more about him.

>i'd love to hear this remix album. can i beg for a dub of it?? i could
>trade for something else...?

I just took a quick look around the web and found the following:

http://www.mutelibtech.com/mute/holger/holger.htm Holger's page on Mute, supposedly updated by Holger himself. He seems
to invite mail. The page has a discography, where Demixed is the last
thing on it (1993). He also mentions a CD called "Little Present", but gives no ordering or availability info on it. There is a mention that
if you have problems obtaining any of his releases, you can email him.
This page points to...

http://www.mutelibtech.com/mute/bank/bank.htm ...MuteBank, where you would normally be able to order Demixed directly
from Mute. Seems that they can't take orders right now due to the holidays
though. Still, it sounds like you should be able to get a record store to
order it for you; just ask for STUMM102 from the Mute catalog (CD or

Well, I think I'll drop by my local music store tomorrow... as well as
try to mail Holger...

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