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Nicola Battista [rumori] Remix albums (was Re: Holger Hiller)
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 12:34:33 +0100 (00914844873,

At 11.34 20/12/98 -0600, Audiopig wrote:

> brings up a good question - what *was* the first remix album? the
>earliest one i know if is from 1981/82, the human league's "love and
>dancing" release. this one probably also qualifies as a remix album
>comprised of material from a full prior album ('dare'), with the exception
>of a new song at the time, "hard times". recall this disc causing a minor
>flap in rags like smash hits and nme because folks thought it a rip-off to
>re-package the same songs all over again...

hmmm. Good. I didn't know about this. I remember Pet Shop Boys'"Disco", that was also one of the first remix albums (1984, if I'm not wrong) and it
seems to have a few similarities with the Human League release you mention.
I.e. it contained a few songs from a previous album and "Paninaro" that if I'm not wrong wasn't available as a single at the time.
I also remember that it ended up soon in Emi's nice price catalogue... heh...

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