Re: [rumori] [plunderphonia] PLUNDERPHONICS box set (fwd)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 18:58:35 PST

Did he really actually license every single thing on this? I mean, I know the
press release mentioned the licensing costs, but I'd find it hard to believe
that Sony Canada cleared those Michael Jackson masters after
cease-and-desisting this project previously. Anyone know any more?
-- Mara Schwartz

In a message dated 2/7/01 8:05:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> I do understand what you mean, about the concept that he's giving up his
> stance by officially negotiating. And indeed, in a way it could be seen as
> a precedent, as in 'you artists are complaining that it can't be done, see,
> see there, HE did it, it wasn't so hard to authorize the tracks, it CAN be
> done, you silly artists!'
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