[rumori] live performance

Vicki Bennett [rumori] live performance
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 16:31:16 +0000 (00916590676, v0151010cb2c7be125d11at[])

One thing that I've learned about doing my music live is that I have to
make it cruder. The reason being that I use 90% samples - obviously all of
"finished" works. So if the work that I sample is finished, how do I add to it in a live situation, over shite speakers, in a chatty environment AND
get the audience's attentions, get heard A N D be happy? I empty it out as
much as I can and make sure that I bring as many clear and hard sounds as
possible to compensate for the inevitable unsupportive environment!

If we are talking live performance on the radio, this is a different kettle
of fish because the listener probably will have hifi speakers or even
headphones and so the subtleties will be allowed to come through in the mix
without compromising the sound or making it sound too washy.

Radio is more fun because it is not restrictive. But playing live in front
of an audience is a real CHALLENGE and I like that. Or least the idea of
it. OK, I like getting paid.


Jon Leidecker said:

>So I guess what I'm interested in hearing from any of you is any of the
>reactions you've had as studio musicians who are making/have made a
>transition to live performance -- because this really is a new environment.
> I'm taking home live tapes, i.e. documents, and since the on-stage
>performance decisions are IDENTICAL to my approach in the studio, my
>relationship to/reaction to/recognition of the recording seems to unfixed
>itself in a way I haven't quite got the hang of yet. There's an advantage
>to blurring the (cultural) distinction between composer and performer, but
>there's a lot to be worked out now that the element of 'live performance'
>is centered within the editing of pre-recorded audio.