[rumori] live performance

Jarrod5083ataol.com [rumori] live performance
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:24:35 EST (00916683875, cd952e55.36a37c63ataol.com)

First off, my name is Jarrod Acquistapace, and I'm new to this list. I'm an
amateur musician, and as such have encountered similar problems when
considering a live performance. These are simply some of my ideas and
suggestions. Feel free to digest them or discard them....

1. If you're going to be using DAT tape or some such similar media, a good
idea might be to use two DAT tapes, each with half the music, or possibly the
bassline, drum loop, vocal samples, etc., so that one DAT can be re-EQ'd and
manipulated, thus creating something that can be changed on-the-fly.

2. Another consideration is using a sampler to load on vocal snippets and drum
loops, so that the pitch and EQ can be manipulated, and other effects such as
those found on guitar pedals can be used, by running the sampler through the
pedals and boxes to the amp.

3. Another idea, used extensively by Orbital, is to play specialized "live mixes" of songs, so that even though a show is run off of DATs or sequencers, it's still a unique experience. Also, the live mixes can be recorded for a
live album, which Orbital has done; the mixes tend to be quite unique, i.e. a
mix of Halcyon with Belinda Carlisle samples.

Any of these would provide a healthy alternative to simply playing a DAT; or
if simply running the songs is the only option, I'd sugest blending them into
a continuous mix, for a more cinematic experience.

Any responses welcome,

Jarrod Acquistapace