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>When you buy a drum machine or a synth or even a synth add-on card, are you
>paying for a musical instrument or are you paying for the use of the
>samples stored in that "instrument?"

Good question... I guess I always presumed that the company "performs" the samples used in the machine and then relinquishes any performance
royalties or whatever in favor of having a usable product. Though in a
similar way I had a friend once who ostebsibly had a "song" called "My Favorite Food Is Salt", which was 1/44100th of a second long, the shortest CD quality sample you can make, a 16-bit number. Naturally this
sample/number appears in a number of releases, and was hoping to go after
copyright infringers...

>Is it legal to sample a drum machine without purchasing that machine?

I'm almost certain it is. I once purchased a fairly inexpensive CD that
sampled many popular drum machines, and I got the idea that it was a legit
release. Consider also that there's a zillion samples of Roland drum
machines floating around on the net (as well as on other drum machines) and
I have't heard Roland grumble about it yet.

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