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Steev [rumori] Happy99.exe
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wellwell. now i'm glad i dont have a windoze box. anyone who does,
dont run that attachment.

Jon, kindly explain why you posted that to the list. i realize you may not
have realized what it was, but it must have been overtly "cool" or relevant in some way. so, what did it appear to be?

i guess the other explanation might be that someone spoofed Jon
and sent mail to the list, or hacked his account. unlikely, but...

oh and thanx, Sabrina, for bringing this to our attention.


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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:30:07 -0800
From: Sabrina Austin <sabrinaatuserinterface.com> To: 'Steev' <steevatdetritus.net> Subject: RE: [rumori] The Holden Server

Steve--I received this from my CFO who was forwarded this from his
wife within Cisco.

Rarely do we get emails like this from Cisco IS. I've seen warnings
this virus all over our internal website, on walls etc. It must be
serious. You may want to let your staff know about this one.


>Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 19:48:07 -0800 (PST)
>From: Jeff Garaventa <jgaravenatcisco.com>
>To: everyone-at-cisco:;
>Subject: Action Required: Virus Alert
>X-Comment: original headers at bottom of message
>Cisco IT has received reports of a new virus infection at Cisco. This

>is contained in an email attachment called Happy99.exe. Once this
file is

>executed, system files are infected and the file is automatically

>every second email sent from the infected machine. We believe this

>have spread to many clients across Cisco. The latest version of

>definitions (v3202b) detects, but does not clean this virus.
>In response, Cisco IT is scanning all NT servers with the latest

>definitions. If you have received the Happy99.exe attachment but

>it, delete the file immediately, and install the latest virus

>detect this virus in the future. If you have already opened

>instructions on how to clean this virus can be found at:
>Cisco IT distributed the latest virus definitions to non-Engineering
clients in

>EMEA, US Corporate, and Field Sales locations via SMS. The virus

>have also been posted to PCApps in the US, EMEA and Asia/Americas.

>received the latest virus definitions via VirusScan AutoUpdate.
>Once virus definitions have been downloaded, we recommend that users
perform a

>manual virus scan as soon as possible. To download the latest virus
>definitions, go to:

>At the IS Standard Software menu, select McAfee Virus Update DAT

>Engineering clients can download the latest Engineering version of

>with the v3202b virus definitions at:
>For more information on this virus, please reference:
>For further support, contact your local support

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Let's try not to send binary attachements to the list,
some people's email readers get choked, the archive will look
really weird, and ... is there a good reason to send them?

oh and the other reason not to is, your attachement was obviously a
dos/windoze binary, which many of us have no ability or desire to
(there are 7 computers in my house and not one of them is Windoze.)

what was that anyway, jon?


On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 wobblyatcompcurr.com wrote:

>begin 644 Happy99.exe

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