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On Fri, 12 Feb 1999 Fluxisataol.com wrote:

>I'm all about fair use and sampling. But the fact o fthe matter is its a
>testament to lost ideals to think that an artist shouldn't be allowed to
>change his mind. Isn;t that what we are saying here? that art is not a part of
>the artist, but immediately available for anyone to use, particularly the
>millions of mediocre wolves?
>Salinger write it. Its his. If he doesn;t want it available he has as much
>right to challenge its availablity as we have to challenge our rights to it.

very good points. Big distinction: I would be more inclined to allow
creators like Salinger that kind of control (the ability to "change his mind") than those like Pepsi, Exxon, Time-Warner, etc.
To some extent anything that goes "out there" is fair game, but in my opinion the real "targets" are the source materials that are forcing themselves on us, the billboards, commercials, big movies, etc. If
Salinger were on "Think Different" ads I would be less inclined to give him slack. heh...

[Of course i'm discounting the Catcher in the Rye conspiracy theory
that a friend of mine keeps reminding me of, but if that turns out to be
true - hell, start sampling CITR as much as possible NOW, we have to stop
them!!! help!!!]


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