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Steev [rumori] copyright fight
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On Tue, 16 Feb 1999 J103ataol.com wrote:

steev said (speaking of the deconstructing beck case):

><< a possible good thing if we ended up in court. But, we didnt. And maybe
> that's a good thing too. ;-) >>
>yes I see your point and have had that realization myself. All the publicity
>you might get... negativland has proven this rule on more than one occasion.
>However, not knowing at all what to do, I'm sure I would lose and the
>possibility of losing my work is not a very pleasant thought.
>...obviously! :)

it's not really the publicity that appeals to me, it's the idea that if
something like that ever goes to court it could change everything. it
could be the turning point in intellectual property law that we're all
fighting for, or say we're fighting for.

which is one reason why these things never go all the way to a court.
the powers that be want things to stay the way they are. so it's in their
interest to continue to send scary letters and get ignorant artists to
give up before things get to court. because i believe that if something
like your music or my music did go to court, it would WIN. and it would be
a landmark case if it did.


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