[rumori] No Copyright Music Site

Schrei [rumori] No Copyright Music Site
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:31:27 +0100 (00919711887, Version.32.19990222202856.00ddd820atmbox.xcom.it)

Hi all. This is my fist post here though I've been in this list for some
I'd like to inform everyone who's interested that I'm working on a no
copyright site in which I'll put some stuff in real audio and mp3 format
coming from any musician/composer/band interested in this project. So, if
you play music/noises/sounds and think that copyright makes no sense at all
and you want your works to be freely available to everyone, just contact
The site will be absolutely free and the music on it freely downloadable...
Music and art should have to be free...
For contacts: