wobblyatcompcurr.com [rumori] DANGER: HORRIBLE VIRUS
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 17:47:01 -0800 (00920598421, 199903050257.SAA24271atmail.currents.net)

Ha ha, ha

Actually, even worse. Horrible self-plugging.

Saturday, March 6th

:. T R I C O R D E R

welcomes the live sonics of WOBBLY,
aka Jon Leidecker, electronic composer, who's
performed at BeanBenders in East Bay, Mills, Opus 415, and
contributes frequently to Over the Edge, Negativland's radio show.

atthe Attic, on 24th
btw Mission & Valencia 9pm-2am, 21+, $1

monkey 9-10 jungle
marlo 10-11 hip hop
WOBBLY 11-12:30 bzzzzzt
flint 12:30-2:00 electro

coming up soon:

3/20 Junior Varsity & Sweet Trip of Darla Records, live sets of spacey jungle and techno. JV & ST will also be playing a free show at SF State on 3/18. New 12's by JV are available at Aquarius
Records now.