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>From: Steev[SMTP:steevatdetritus.net]
>each vircomm product includes an anti-copyright notice on it's packaging.
>you need not worry. you will never be sued for "stealing" from us.
>also, each vircomm product comes with an implicit guarantee that people
>like you will never become the next marilyn manson.

Think of it like this: you'll never be sued by Les Paul for using a
multi-track tape machine. Or by a banjo playing slave for using a 3
chord blues structure. Or by Jimi Hendrix for string-muted strums
played backwards. Or by Stockhausen for using a filter sweep.

INNOVATION can't be copywritten. When you're interested in change and
creation, copyright is of no use to you. It only makes sense for people
who want to take some kind of possession of instantiations other
people's "genius."