[rumori] Re: ordering stuff

Mr. Fodder [rumori] Re: ordering stuff
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 15:04:43 PDT (00924905083, 19990423220443.31948.qmailathotmail.com)

>> Think of it like this: you'll never be sued by Les
>> Paul for using a
>> multi-track tape machine. Or by a banjo playing
>> slave for using a 3
>> chord blues structure. Or by Jimi Hendrix for
>> string-muted strums
>> played backwards. Or by Stockhausen for using a
>> filter sweep.

or by The Bran Flakes! Appropriate us! Hell, all the stuff we put
together IS appropriated from other sources. Take the Bran melodies,
licks and tricks! www.ovenguard.com for more info on the bran. We
promise promise promise and send sweet kisses (compressed 2:1 with a
touch of reverb & normalized to 100%) that we will never sue you.

otis & mildred

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