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for YEARS I've been wanting to do a project on the web where
some software goes out on the web and grabs sounds and processes and
collages them together. Or alternatively ( i think this would more
interesting) accepts sound files from users.

now here is this "web installation" that goes out and finds sounds on the web, grabs them and proccess and collages

damn, i been scooped....


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"bits & pieces" is a Web installation that searches the Web for sound files. Found sound is processed in
various ways, and the results broadcast back over
the Web via RealAudio. Thus you need RealPlayer
(available for free at http://www.real.com) to hear it.

A Bit More About "bits & pieces."
"bits & pieces" is a Master's thesis project. The thesis paper itself will be available on the Web (linked to from
the "b&p" site), on or shortly after June 1st.
"b&p" is written in a combination of PERL and Csound. PERL scripts are used to drive the search and download processes,
and PERL generated Csound files are responsible for the sound
processing. New sound files are found every morning, and are
used as the sources for the day's various sound collages. A new
collage/piece is generated every 15 minutes. "bits & pieces" will automatically play back the 10 most recent pieces through
your RealPlayer.


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peter m. traub