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MShull3232ataol.com [rumori] rodney king (LAPD)
Mon, 17 May 1999 02:32:38 EDT (00926922758, 2b121c36.24711206ataol.com)

> does anyone know a documentary with the 'rodney king vs. los angeles
> police department'footage?
> or
> does anyone know the origin of the images, who shot it and how?

I believe the original beating footage was shot by George Holliday (I think).
If I remember right, he was checking out his new cam on his balcony (or was
it at his window), noticed the disturbance and kept shooting.

The riot footage was shot by numerous sources, which particular scene are you
talking about? The Reginald Denny assault? Stock riot footage?

I don't know the name but I've noticed some Rodney King/LA riot tape at my
local video store. If you're local video store doesn't have a documentary on
it, try your local library.

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