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Steev [rumori] Reviewers wanted
Sun, 23 May 1999 10:05:15 -0700 (PDT) (00927479115, Pine.LNX.4.05.9905230929220.15606-100000atflotsam.detritus.net)

Hi all,

A new redesign/revision of Detritus.net is in the works, and one of the
things i'd like to add is a Reviews area. So far, the Rhizome section has
been the defacto place where relevant works of art are described. But i've
realized that what Rhizome really should be is a short but definitive list
of "the Canon", i.e. the things that are the most important, the milestones, the essential references, the "must-see" in the world of appropriation art and recombinant culture. So, I want to put other works
in a Reviews area which will be much more about current relevant works,
with thoughtful critiques, either positive or negative.

I'd like to get volunteers who are interested in writing these reviews.
Ideally I'd like a reviewer to be willing to have her/his name posted with
the review, with a link to her/his web page if there is one. If you have
the means it would be nice to post a realmedia clip (if it's music or
film/video) or image (visual art, or cd cover, etc) along with a review.
I'm looking for people i can count on to do "assigned" reviews and also who will be on the lookout for new things and submit reviews of things i
might not have even heard of yet (i can't keep track of it all!).
I'm looking for people to review music but also film, books, zines,
gallery art, web sites, performances, et. al.

Here's some examples of a few items i'd like to start with reviews of:

-Howie B's new CD, "Snatch" -Tom Ze's "Fabrication Defect" (and the remix CD, "Postmodern Platos") -the new Negativland/Chumbawamba ep
-recent video work of AnimalCharm
-Martin Arnold's films

In this age of increasing re-use and recycling of culture it's not
neccesarily interesting to just be a "sample-artist". There is good and bad in this expanding field, and so I hope we as a community can
guide each other to an appreciation of what IS good and what is not so

If you're interested, email me privately, and if i dont know your
writing already, please send me a sample, if possible.

btw, other upcoming Detritus.net additions and changes include:
-new logo and spruced up navigation/interface
-search engine
-a new project or two in the Projects section
-regular additions of writings to the Archives/Text section
-sample images and clips in the rhizome section

and much much more! If anyone has other suggestions I'm all ears.



Steev Hise, Nervert
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