[rumori] Grey Day?

Andrew Lander [rumori] Grey Day?
Tue, 25 May 1999 22:37:49 PDT (00927697069, 19990526053750.71383.qmailathotmail.com)

>From: Steev <steevatdetritus.net>

>If anyone has any other bright ideas speak up. let's fight the good

Here are a few. I noticed the GrEy Day page is light grey with dark grey
links and such. The GrAy Day site should be the opposite, reversing the
colors, #nnnnnn for #xxxxxx. They also have GrEy Day download pages to
replace their index.html pages. Perhaps those of us with websites should
put similar things up on our own sites on GrE/Ay Day, except we would have
links that send visitors to our original front pages. Take-offs on their
several GrEy Day support gifs are also in order (I'm gonna work on a

This last one is a particularly nasty idea. When these Greys close off
their pages they aren't actually going to delete their whole sites, just
replace their index.html pages. Might grayday.org provide links to their
secondary pages, to keep their sites partially open anyway? I read
somewhere (on one of greyday.org's links) that certain people with too much
time on their brains have considered writing a law against unauthorized
linking as a form of copyright infringement!

Anyway, some things to think about from the people not at Getty.

Andrew Lander

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