[rumori] Gray day, etc.

Lloyd Dunn [rumori] Gray day, etc.
Wed, 26 May 1999 16:08:06 -0500 (00927752886, 374C62B3.9676CF57atblue.weeg.uiowa.edu)

I think the greyday website and manifesto is a bunch of hooey, merely an
ill-thought-out reaction to a perceived threat. It's understandable, and
it's furthermore understandable that we would react negatively to this
negative reaction (which makes our reaction a positive one, etc.)

I agree with Ralph (wouldn't I, though) that the concerted action of
detritus et alii needs (at least!) to avoid the appearance of being
simply reactionary to the reaction, 'cuz that's not very productive in
terms of persuading the public or producing new arguments, for and
against. Whatever 'the detritus group' does needs to apear pro-active
and, I think, somehow aggressive. If it's attention-getting, so much the
better. What we should strive for is the feeling of onslaught; that the
other side's position is devastated by the quality of the critiques that
our activity poses. We may not acheive that, but that's what I think we
should strive for.

I think we need to put aside the formal issues aside for now and decide
on some really fucking strong and persuasive content to put up. Maybe we
can start by assembling content from the web that already exists from
very diverse groups that supports our view and offers new and persuasive
arguments. Things that maybe y'all and I have never thunk up before. The
broader the base we select from the better (writers, librarians,
lawyers, sanitation workers, donut makers), because it will make it
appear that our activity is everywhere and there's nothing that can stop
it (which we all believe is true, anyway, don't we?)

Nothing really concrete in my proposal, just trying to tweak the
group-think a bit.

Lloyd Dunn
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