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<< I wonder which > one came first. And if they could sue the second > one for copyright > infringement. >>

off topic, sort of, but I don't know anyone outside of this internet group,
who would appreciate this story... :)

I was at Kinko's last night photocopying raw material for a media collage I'm
working on for one of my art classes this semester, when an older gentleman
kindly referred to the latest enlarged color copy of several cd covers and
asked what they were.
"They're cd covers" I said, to which he had no response. "What are those?" he asked. I responded that they were the same as album covers and he looked
enlightened at first, then concerned. I went on - "I'm going to cut them up and make a collage out of the pieces." He paused and then said "you can do THAT." I said, "sure," and he went on - "THATs not plagiarism." I looked sideways and said,
"not really, no." He continued - "You bought the cds right?" I nodded, yes. He finished - "So, you own the covers." "thats how I look at it" I said, smiling. The whole exchange was quite pleasant.
Interesting how the concerns of copyright owners have become important to
even those least involved. I was interested anyway.

I'll go back to my exacto knives and double stick tape now. :)
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