[rumori] that screensaver I was writing about

Andrew Lander [rumori] that screensaver I was writing about
Sat, 29 May 1999 08:39:42 PDT (00927992382, 19990529153942.90615.qmailathotmail.com)

A couple of people have asked me about this, so here's what I know. The
screensaver I mentioned is called PicSaver. It's freeware and can be found
multiple places around the web - a search of Dogpile will find it. It
chooses images from any folder(s) you set it to, and I sometimes set it to
my Netscape Cache. Internet Explorer's Temp Files will also work. It has a
setting for random order and one for collage, among other settings. It's
pretty simple to set up, though the result after a while can get pretty
dense and congested.

Andrew Lander

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