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tobaron [rumori] a copyright tale
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-----kudos to jon the collage guy!

im wondering does anybody have any tips about heat transfers?
very quickly im getting hassled about copywrite issues...its almost as if
people feel 'guilty' for enjoying a work which incorporates appropriation.
also, if i transfer something to a tshirt, will it come out in the wash?
lastly regarding goldens gel medium-- do you find it yellows after a while?


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>On Fri, 28 May 1999 J103ataol.com wrote:
>->Interesting how the concerns of copyright owners have become important to
>->even those least involved. I was interested anyway.
>that was a great story, jon.
>->I'll go back to my exacto knives and double stick tape now. :)
>i suggest trying this great stuff called "Gel Medium". (the brand I have
>is "Golden"). It comes in 3 different thicknesses, you can mix it with
>paint, or just use it as glue, AND, once you're done with the collage, you
>can brush it over everything and it dries clear, a nice protective
>coating. it's way cool.
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