Luggage Store, SF, November 9, 2000
DJ Spucke (aka Matt Ingalls)

photos by steev hise
turntable, 2 computers, violin, etc The master turntablist now incorporates state-of-the-aRT digital powerwank to simultaneously appeal to both sides of the technobsessed crowd!! [+/-, A/D, 0/1] Is he a 21zt-z3ntr3-vRtuozo r m3rl3 pflAng a 45min-smpfIl?[!diff]_*;
mingalls mingalls2 mingalls3
DJ Spucke spinning the hits BeOS in the house violin interlude
mp3 audio:
DJ Spucke live (board mix) download (29.4 Mbytes, ~30 minutes) ) stream

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