Luggage Store, SF, November 16, 2000
Carl Stone and Steev Hise

photos by jay pinka and steev hise
carl1Carl Stone
carl2Carl Stone
steev_gear_luggageSteev's gear - SGI Indy, Linux laptop, echo box, CD player, mixer
steev_luggage1Steev Hise
steev_luggage2Steev Hise
steev_luggage3Steev Hise, side view!

mp3 audio:
Steev Hise: Improvisation for Contributed Samples download (7.2 Mbytes, 7:56) stream
Steev Hise: What's the Difference Between a Laptop Performer and a Lapdance Performer? download (8.6 Mbytes, 9:27) stream
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